KSK Insurance Products Commercial Lines Miscellaneous

At KSK Insurance, we understand the breadth of risks that your business is exposed to every day. These risks can range from affecting cash to property to the safety and health of our workers. Browse through this suite of products and consider their relevance to your business.

Burglary Insurance

•    Covers your property on the first basis starting from
     100,000 Baht
•    Extended to cover repair costs of damages to the building
     following attempts to burglary

Money Insurance

•    Covers your money during and after office hours
•    Money in transit can be covered
•    Includes damage to the safe or strong room

Plate Glass Insurance

•    Covers damage to your plate glass and decoration for “all risk”
•    Replacement basis
•    Installation included

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

•    Covers your employees on duty against work-related bodily
     injury and/or sickness
•    Fully complies with the labour law
•    Shields your business from hefty unplanned medical expenses
     for your employees

Employer’s Liability

•    Covers liability to your employee in your work place up to 1.5 million Baht
•    Affordable premium

Fidelity Guarantee

•    Covers damage from fraudulent or dishonest acts by
•    Manages your financial risks
•    Avoids uncertainty of trust