KSK Insurance Products Commercial Lines Miscellaneous Burglary

No one likes a burglar. Certainly no one at KSK Insurance.

Which is why our Burglary Insurance extensively indemnifies you against loss of or damage to your property where it happens on your premise.  This includes theft, attempted theft, forcible entry or exit by violent means or assault, and even violence or threats of violence to your employees or those to whom your property is entrusted.

KSK Insurance will indemnify you by one of the following

a)    Repairing the property according to the actual damage, or
b)    Replacing the property with similar property, or
c)    Paying in cash according to the actual value (excluding
       profit) of such property at the time of loss or damage.

The liability of the company during the period of insurance for loss or damage of the property insured and the building in which the property insured is contained shall not exceed the amount insured stated in schedule.


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